World of KARMA

Our creations fuse aesthetics, technical innovation and forward thinking design while honouring the traditional techniques at the heart of jewellery making. Creations with particulars of a conversation piece, applying rare collectible gemstones often on asymmetrical or three dimenisional silver surface.

With limited editions or one-of-akind designs, we want to pass a message that luxury is not made in big numbers, but is represented by customised designs, gemstones with one-of-a-kind individualistic sheen and irredesence that is utterly seductive carefully set in Sterling Silver. We hope the customer will choose the Jewel not only because she likes it but because of the story & theme of the collection that is close to her own story! Often transporting the wearer into a captivating surreal world!

Our Designs can take a different meaning and symbolic values: For collection Deco tribal a fusion of Art Deco and tribal motiffs, is a link between things past and present, it is a gift and souvenir, Designs that have a soul, and what timelessly enhances the beauty of a face or a hand immediately transmitting the weares personality.