Vivek Shah is the founder and creative director of VegaVaan Collections by Karma. An Information Technology Graduate, he started his career in 2002 collecting and designing unique Silver Jewellery and Beads, often with semi precious gemstones and selling them to Jewellery boutiques in USA, Japan, France, Spain etc.

Vivek instantly came to discover his penchant for designing unique High end Jewelry, designs often with rare gemstones mined from far away corners of the world. At Karma we love the irridescence quality of gemstones like Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, Opal and Larimar and try our best to enhance the irridescence. Some of our creations are with rare gemstones such as Madagascar Aquamarine and Burmese Spinel studded in Sterling Silver.

We often play with unexpected juxtapositions of materials and colors : patinated brass with sterling silver studded with raw uncut hand picked Aquamarines! Often a combination with high visual impact which has the power to evoke cool vibes.

Vega Vaan Collections by Karma were launched at Lakme Fashion Week Summer-Resort 2012 – The Collection instantly captured attention of buyers and press worldwide. Several of our designs are limited edition or very few pieces made per design.

The Collections are often seen on various Bollywood – Indian film industry celebrities and in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan etc.





We are the best designing company since 1988.

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When it comes to your future, there’s one thing you’re sure about: your passion for technology. That’s what makes you a great candidate for a career behind a computer screen! But the next step gets a bit tricky. If you’re like many others in your shoes, it’s difficult to decide between becoming a web designer versus a web developer.
These two titles look similar at first glance but each has its own distinct responsibilities and deliverables. Knowing the difference between them is critical to making the right career decision.

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In need of some web design inspiration? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a new collection of web designs that we’ve come across over the last couple of weeks. Ranging from simple and elegant landing pages for new products and services to highly advanced e-commerce websites for larger online companies and organizations. Beautifully designed and developed sites using the latest techniques such as CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery to set the new online trends in this digital era.

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